Marseille Roof Tiles

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Marseille Roof Tiles

460mm X 280mm Weight: 3760 gr


A versatile and easy-to-fit roof tile. As there are bigger pieces, the installation and material costs are consequently reduced, enhanching the elegance and durability of this kind of roof tile.

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The Ceramic tile Marseille hits for its beauty, by combining traditional aesthetics with a finished made from modern lines it represents the heritage of tradition as it transforms the existing roofs, in roofs of other styles and periods. This roof tile has a perfect end look and unique quality. The uniformity of all roof tiles, along with its guided assembly sistems, allows quick and easy installation on any roof. It has high and steep set of nerves that guarantee perfect sealing.


Size:↕ 460 mm x ↔ 280 mm
Weight:3760 gr
Longitudinal fit:37,9 cm
Frost resistance:> 150 cycles


3 Levels4 Levels
Base960↕ mm x 1030↔ mm960↕ mm x 1030↔ mm
Height920↕ mm1210↕ mm
Weight670 kg890 kg

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